Journal of MasterChef Quarantine

The Quarantine has had a deep impact on all of us but like most dark clouds it has also come with a fine silver lining. If we journal the cons, they are innumerable but if we think about it the pros shine bright too! Most of us have now become experts at independently handling chores that are essential for a healthy, hygienic existence and that is something to be proud of. We have gotten back in touch with our hobbies, our families and our own selves too. And the most cherished hobby, born out of sheer necessity of being a foodie, is … *drumroll*... COOKING! 

I know, I know, the initial days, without the crunch of yummy pani puris, without the oozing mozzarella out of a pizza, the large bites of burgers, the spice of pav bhaji, the crispiness of dosas, were really, really hard. Come evening, we all craved with our grumbling bellies and frowning faces for a bite into the vada pav from our favourite stall. We missed the steamed momos with the hot chutney, the fresh basil flavour of a pesto pasta and oh! a decent cup of coffee… sigh. Food is love and all you people salivating right now are proofs of this fact. Well, we know all is fair in love and war, and it came to the point of war against quarantine for the love of food. Soon, we saw ourselves enter into our kitchens, in slow motion, with the ‘Chariots of Fire’ theme playing in the background as we draped our aprons and resorted to YouTube to teach us how to make mouth watering dishes.

Stumbling through trials and failures we started making our own versions of chaat, mastered the Aglio e Olio, baked our garlic breads and ooooh the desserts we made! Dish after dish, recipe after recipe, we started tweaking them with our own secret ingredients and donned the hats of Masterchefs in our households.

Journal of MasterChef Quarantine
MasterChef Quarantine : Season 2020

With Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook stories being the judges of our season 2020, Masterchef Quarantine had a viewership of all our followers on social media. We inspire each other to beat the blues and plan the menus everyday. While some of our followers wanted to place orders with us, others asked for the recipes we followed. And sharing those recipes had its own sense of pride. 

However, sometimes, the secret ingredients that we add on the spot, while inhaling the aromas and doing taste checks, slip out of our busy minds and then the recipe doesn’t turn out to be quite the same on recreation. To seal the fate of your culinary skills, the best way is to note down your master creations in a quaint little journal. Be your own Julia Child and note down the delicious love that you serve on plates each time. The little details of ingredients, add ons, proportions, timings, will make your recipe timeless and can be carried forwards through generations. Noting down a recipe is no less than writing a love letter for yourself, every time you read it, you will find a smile building on your lips as you remember the joy of gorging on your own creation. A little picture, a small note about your loved one’s first bite reactions can all be saved as  a precious moment in forever. And isn’t life all about living bountiful moments?

Journal of MasterChef Quarantine
Journal of MasterChef Quarantine

At p.r.a.s.t.u.t.i find the perfect journal for noting down your precious recipes and your favourite food moments. Also, do share some of your famous lockdown recipes with us in the comments below. We would love to try them!


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