A ‘Wake up Sid’ moment

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Bollywood has always had a huge impact on our filmy souls, right? Some movies stay with us long after the reel ends with lasting smiles and warmth. Wake Up Sid, is one of such brilliant movies! I know the title of the movie itself has made you smile, hasn’t it? Such is the impact of this beautiful movie. The shenanigans of the immature Sid and the subtleties of our ‘mother-friend’ Ayesha won our hearts as they both grew in love and fondness.

Apart from the blissful romance, Wake up Sid has taught us many things. One of the most striking sequences in the movie is when Ayesha is looking for an apartment to restart her life in a new city. Ayesha, a woman with vision and determination to make a home for herself, settles for an old, dingy looking apartment with a broad smile on her face while the rest of us, like Sid, were bewildered by her choice. And then what unfurls on the screen was nothing less than magic for me!

Wake up sid home decor
Joys of Personalization ~ Wake Up Sid

They begin with testing colours on walls, applying paints of different shades, Ayesha takes her time and reflects on each colour waiting for the right one to click. She takes Sid along with her to different markets, old and new, looking for things that would match her soul. Bit by bit, she decorates her little apartment and turns it around into a cozy place where we would all love to hangout for some midnight chai and bread jam cake, right? Little by little, every corner of her living space starts to speak about Ayesha, about the things she likes, people that matter to her, her thoughts, her comforts, her eccentricities, being an ace writer, she makes her house tell her story by setting it in the most creative and beautiful way possible.

Never before had I thought that we could give a place a makeover like this! That scene was a total eye opener for me and since then, I have been so thoughtful about the things I get into my space. I wonder if they reflect me or if they make me feel hopeful and bring a smile to my face. I wanted to feel as independent, confident and radiant as Ayesha does when she looks at something seemingly unfixable and makes it unimaginably beautiful.

One of the many lessons that this movie leaves us with is also how we came to building p.r.a.s.t.u.t.i. We often find that, in the search of things to beautify our surroundings, we are left with limited options or designs not quite fitting our tastes. So, we decided to make our own designs that make us smile and we wanted to share them with the rest of the world. Piece by piece, we hope you find yourselves in our art and may our art find a way to your space and help you have your own “Wake up Sid” moment, cheering with the Ayesha and Sid in you!

Wake up sid home decor
That "Home" Feeling ~ Wake Up Sid


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