Our Story

p.r.a.s.t.u.t.i is a story of two sisters. Sisters divided by geography over the years yet strongly united in their hearts and minds. Raised in a household of empathy and spirituality we grew up learning to admire nature, learning to understand ourselves and acting upon our servitude.

     Our grandfather imbibed in us discipline and morals, our grandmother made sure we learnt how important it is to care of others and to make them feel special, our uncle taught us how a human should be, immersed in true spirituality, forever in awe of nature and in selfless service of others. Now they all rest in heaven and watch over us as our guardian angels as we continue to learn and get inspired from the life they have lived.

From the example of our father, we have always tried to implement how one must dedicate oneself entirely to different forms of knowledge; while our aunts and uncles have always been the pillars of strength in all times.

Our mother has forever been our inspiration. We look up to her for undying patience, her innocence and an endless stream of creativity. She is the original artist. In her perseverance and grace, she has beautified our lives with her loving hands. Over ages she has sewn beautiful garments for us, decorated walls with amazing paintings and kept our homes minimal, neat and tidy. As we grew, she held our hands with crayons on paper and taught us how to colour in single strokes within the lines. Our mother has gifted us the flair for indulging in creativity and experimenting in various forms of it. She is the reason behind it all. 

Growing up in this beautiful family, with thoughts so intense, discussions plentiful of wisdom and actions always mindful of karma has been a blessing we can never be grateful enough for. We try to intersperse all that we have grasped in these lessons with the art that we make.

Over the years, there were switches of academics and careers yet we both realised that we were only truly happy when we found ourselves connected with art. And slowly yet surely then, began our journey to dedicate ourselves to explore this gift of God. 

                 With time, art has become our meditation and we find immense joy in finding inspiration and beauty around us. Often, we would wonder about the kind of things we would like to have in our lives to make our spaces more personal, more reflective of our thoughts and feelings. It started with tiny DIY projects to personalise our homes and workspaces and soon we realised that we wish to share this happiness with others. When every little nook and corner around you makes you smile, feel more yourself, it brings immense positivity to the soul. So here we humbly present to you a collection of designs that we hope shall add some smiles, some beauty, some positivity in your surroundings. With love, perseverance and the blessings of our family, here’s our little presentation - p.r.a.s.t.u.t.i , by Stuti and Pragati.